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TLS (SSL) certificates

Certificates to secure access to the web server. You can choose the Premium version with protection for up to 3 domains or the Wildcard version with an unlimited number of subdomains.      

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Secure your website with a TLS (SSL) certificate.
TLS (SSL) certificates are used to establish secure connections under the SSL (TLS) protocol and to certify the credibility of the domain, to which the connection is established. Within the TLS/SSL protocol, any data exchanged between the user's device and the server are encrypted and protected against reading by third parties.  A TLS/SSL certificate may contain the following data:

  • Domain name confirmed in the certificate issuance process – DV TLS (SSL) certificate.
  • Domain name confirmed in the certificate issuance process and the name and address of the domain owner consistent with the registration data – OV TLS (SSL) certificate.

Premium Certificate – secures up to 3 domains.

Wildcard certificate – secures up to 3 domains and an unlimited number of subdomains for e-mail signing and encryption.

You can generate a TLS (SSL) certificate fully online, by placing an order and selecting one of the available options:

  • Standard – if you have the so-called CSR request generated on the server (please provide a request for a CSR certificate when placing an order)
  • automatic – if the server, for which the TLS (SSL) certificate is to be issued, supports the ACME (Automated Certificate Management Environment) protocol, which enables flexible certificate life cycle management within the organisation, by providing standard domain validation, installation and certificate management mechanisms.

TLS (SSL) certificates are generated with a validity period of 1 year, counted from the moment the certificate is generated.

If you choose to generate a TLS (SSL) certificate using the ACME protocol, you can select packages, in which you will automatically renew certificates:

  • Package for 1 year – allows you to generate one certificate
  • Package for 2 year – allows you to generate one new certificate and 3 renewals
  • Package for 3 year – allows you to generate one new certificate and 5 renewals.

Select a certificate variant and add to cart

Select ACME automatic management

In ACME, domain validation and certificate generation will be performed according to the instructions. You will receive the information when the certificate is ready for download by e-mail.   

Do you choose standard processing?

Generating a certificate in the standard path requires confirmation that you manage the domain specified in the order in one of the following ways:   

  • by placing the TXT record in the DNS database,
  • by placing the received file on the server
  • entering a CSR request.

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