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mSzafir certificate for single signature

Do you only need to sign one document?
This is the only option of this kind on the market.

15,00 PLN net

 A mobile one-time mSzafir signature is an excellent solution when you need to sign a single document. You can sign a document in PDF format with just a few clicks, completely remotely. Anywhere and anytime. All you need to do is confirm your identity using online banking system (check available banks below).

After generation, the one-time mSzafir certificate is available for 15 minutes. To sign a fillable PDF form, use the mSzafir signature with a long validity period.

Mobile one-time signature is the perfect solution for signing corporate and private documents.

  1. Buy a one-time mSzafir signature

  2. Confirm your identity online

  3. 3. Select the PDF file and sign it

You can use the mSzafir one-time signature on any device with Internet access (we recommend using only secured, trusted networks), at a convenient place and time.

What if the one-time certificate expired before it was used and the document was signed?

After generation, the one-time certificate is available for 15 minutes. This means that after this time it cannot be used again. If you do not sign the document within the provided time limit, go to the store and buy a one-time certificate again. KIR shall not be responsible for internet connection errors nor for delays caused by faulty equipment.

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