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mSzafir certificate renewal with a long period of validity

Choose the validity period of the certificate and the limit of signatures to be renewed and generate your new mobile e-signature in a few simple steps.

Renew your certificate

If you have a valid certificate with a long term, you can renew it online on the mSzafir portal. Select the validity period and signature limit.
A qualified electronic signature placed within mSzafir complies with eIDAS requirements and has legal force equivalent to a handwritten signature.

Step 1

Log in to your account on the mSzafir.pl portal and select the certificate renewal option.

Step 2

Set up a certificate and make a payment or use a discount code.

Step 3

Generate a new certificate online.

You can use the mobile e-signature for business and private purposes:

Business documents

  • Finalising contracts, for example with service providers
  • submitting commercial offers

Document circulation

  • Improving document circulation and archiving
  • Issuing e-invoices
  • Drawing up medical documentation

Official matters

  • Contacts with public administration
  1. If you have a phone with one of the following operating systems in the minimum version provided below, you can download the mSzafir mobile application in the latest version offered in the application store for your device (App Store, Google Play): iOS 9.0, Android 5.1
  2. The mSzafir mobile application does not start on phones, which cannot install external applications.
  3. The mSzafir mobile application requires a mobile Internet connection. The application will not work on phones connected to a WiFi wireless network.
  4. It is possible to have up to 10 active applications on 10 different phones at one time.
  5. The application does not require an installed SIM card.
  1. Internet access.
  2. Web browsers: Microsoft Edge since version: 80, Google Chrome since version: 80, Internet Explorer since version: 11, Mozilla Firefox since version: 72, Safari since version: 13.
  3. Mobile web browsers: Safari since version: 13, Samsung Browser since version: 11, Google Chrome since version: 80, Mozilla Firefox since version: 68, Opera since version: 56, UC Browser since version: 13.
  1. JavaScript enabled in the browser.
  2. Access to device memory.
  3. The platform accepts files in PDF format with a size not exceeding 5 MB.
  4. When confirming identity using a qualified certificate stored on the card, the following is required:
  • qualified certificate on the card
  • appropriate card reader
  • launching Szafir SDK components
  • cryptographic card provider software (for example CryptoCard Suite)
  • Oracle Java v 1.8 build 202 software

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