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Qualified sets for electronic seal

For large and small companies. It is issued to entities with legal personality, for example companies, institutions and offices. Similarly to an e-signature, it confirms the formal nature of documents and guarantees their legal effect.

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The Szafir electronic seal identifies the company, ensures data integrity, authenticates the sender and meets all legal requirements. This is an optimal way to quickly and reliably authorise official company correspondence, legal documents, diplomas, ID cards and certificates.

With a qualified electronic seal certificate, you will create and verify a qualified electronic seal. The electronic seal is offered as a kit along with a cryptographic card (large or SIM), software and an optional cryptographic card reader.

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A qualified electronic seal can be used wherever it is important to ensure the reliability of data in terms of immutability of content and confirmation of the source of origin (for example to issue electronic invoices, to confirm the source of copies of documents).

Sealing an accounting document with a qualified electronic seal ensures data integrity and certifies the authenticity of the document's source. Thanks to this, the recipient knows, who sent him or her the document and can be sure that it has not been modified.

Current law permits the transformation of paper documents into digital form. Using a qualified seal protects the institution in the event of loss of physical documents. Electronic document archive facilitates access to data and improves the flow of information within the institution.

After applying a qualified seal, modification of the sealed file by unauthorised persons is not possible.

The electronic seal protects the employee's personal data because it does not contain private information. Most corporate matters do not require the sharing of an individual employee's sensitive data. The recipient of an e-document with an e-seal can be sure that the letter comes from a given institution and that it has not been changed.

Replacing paper documents with digital ones eliminates the costs of printing, copying, distribution and archiving. It reduces costs and carbon footprint.

Stamped documents are distributed via e-mail, which make internal and external contacts of the company easier and more robust. Speeding up and facilitating document handling improves work comfort and saves employees' time.

With digital tools, the company gains the image of an environment-friendly organisation respecting the time of its employees.

To order a qualified electronic seal certificate:

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Provide the details of the person, who is authorised to receive the electronic seal certificate. The certificate will contain only the data of the organisation, not of the individual.

Sign the documents and send them to us

You will receive the documents after placing your order. The order and the contract (if you are a new customer) should be signed by persons authorised to represent your organisation.

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