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Sets with non-qualified certificate

Use a non-qualified certificate to secure your e-mail, encrypt documents and establish connections.

from 203,00 PLN net
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A non-qualified certificate can be used to encrypt information, authorize network devices and establish secure connections. You can choose one of 4 kits with a non-qualified certificate. The kits differ in the validity period of the certificates (1 or 2 years) and the type of reader and card. Each kit includes the Szafir application for creating electronic signatures.

The non-qualified certificate includes:

  • specific data identifying a person on the Internet (such as first name, surname or e-mail address) confirmed by the trust service provider issuing the certificate
  • data of the organisation represented by the certificate holder (optional)
  • certificate issuer details
  • validity period
  • public key assigned to a private key held exclusively by the user

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You can use a non-qualified certificate:

for access authorisation

The certificate for authorising access, authorising network devices and establishing secure connections.

for file encryption

The certificate primarily contains the user name and optionally the name of the organisation the user represents.

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