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The date indicated on an electronic document does not always allow a reliable confirmation of the actual moment of its existence. The solution is the use of time-stamps.


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Exchange and storage of electronic documents very often requires a reliable confirmation that the document existed at a given moment. In case of a document in the paper form, it is enough to enter the date on the document or to have it certified by a notary. 

Time-stamping of electronic documents consists in generating electronic confirmation by KIR with the use of cryptographic methods that links a specific document with the date. The time indicated in the time-stamp comes from a reliable source and additionally it confirms that the document existed at the time indicated.

In practice, for the purpose of obtaining a time-stamp from KIR, the Szafir application or programming components must be used that allow automatic obtaining of time-stamps for an electronic signature under a specific document.
Each electronic signature may be time-stamped both at the time of its creation and verification.

To order the time-stamp, follow the 3 steps:

1. Sign an agreement with KIR
2. Fill out and send the form
3. Download the time-stamp


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