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Qualified certificates




The qualified certificate can be used to create and verify an electronic signature.


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Qualified certificates, issued by the Szafir Electronic Signature Service Centre, are generated and managed in accordance with the requirements of the Act on Trust Services and Electronic Identification (Dz. U. [Journal of Laws] 2016, item 1579) of 5 September 2016.

Under the Act and eIDAS regulation, a qualified electronic signature verified by a qualified certificate is equivalent, in terms of legal consequences, to the handwritten signature.

Each qualified certificate issued by KIR may include:

  • details of the subscriber,
  • parameters related to the public key included in the certificate,
  • scope of the application of the certificate,
  • maximum amount of transactions that can be performed with the use of the certificate,
  • information specifying the scope of the subscriber's powers,
  • information specifying the party on behalf of whom the subscriber acts.

To order a qualified certificate:

1. Place an orderotwiera się w nowej karcie.

2. Enter the required data.

3. Pay for the order.

4. Download the order available in the summary on the website in the eShop containing the entered data.

5. Make sure that the entered data are correct.

6. Send the order signed by persons entitled to represent the Ordering Party to the address provided in the summary of the order (electronically with the use of qualified certificates or in paper form).

7. Wait for an e-mail from KIR confirming the date of collecting the set with the certificate.

8. Collect the certificate at a selected branch of KIR or cooperation with KIR bank. Remember to bring your ID card or passport with you.



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