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Programming tools


For those who create their own solutions based on electronic signature.


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Szafir SDK programming components are the library, Wrapper for C/C++/.NET and Szafir SDK Web Module (Java applet, extension of the Szafir SDK Web and SzafirHost application) which give access to the functionality of the creation and verification of an electronic signature, including qualified and time stamping.

They are used for integration in solutions of third party companies, provided that: 

  • the software library allows building in the functionality of the electronic signature in the applications and systems of third party companies which are started under the control of an operational system on the user’s working station,
  • Szafir SDK Web Module – javascript library allows building in the functionality of the electronic signature in the applications and systems using to communication with the user web browser interface. This library provides a universal interface allowing for the use of:
    • java applet (Szafir SDK aplet) in browsers compatible with the protocol NPAPI (Internet Explorer 11, Firefox> 46)
    • dedicated extension Szafir SDK Web and SzafirHost application in browsers incompatible with NPAPI (Google Chrome> 45 Opera> 37)
  • SDKWrapper is a DLL library that allows using the functionalities offered by the Szafir SDK library from the level of applications written in C/C++. In particular, it is possible to use the library in the .NET environment.


Both the library and Web Module enable creating and verifying an electronic signature, including qualified in formats:

  • CAdES (PKCS#7) in the variants of CAdES-BES, CAdES-T, and allows creating a multiple signature.
  • XAdES - in the variants of XAdES-BES, XAdES-T, XAdES-C, XAdES-A and allows creating a multiple signature, countersignature and enveloped signature.
  • PAdES - in the variants of PAdES-BES, PAdES-T, PAdES-LTV.
  • ASiC-S - in the variants of ASiC-S-CAdES-BES, ASiC-S-XAdES-BES, ASiC-S-CAdES-T, ASiC-S-XAdES-T.

Features distinguishing the Szafir components from other components that are currently offered on the market, include:


  • capability of working under the control of each operating system with Java (Oracle) environment version 1.5 or higher installed,
  • manner of configuring and starting up the components that excludes a possibility of unwanted changes made by the user in the configuration of components. Configuration of the component is defined at the stage of initiating the component with the use of a defined XML structure,
  • unique, high-level API with significantly increased parameter possibilities. Ordering of the tasks of both creating and verifying the electronic signature (and time stamping) is done by transferring the XML structure to the component under which:
    • tasks of signature creating and verifying are defined,
    • some features are assigned to these tasks (signature format, time stamping options, etc.),
    • data objects to be signed or the signatures that should be verified are indicated.
  • possibility of supporting many data objects after single launch of a component (number and scope of support of objects is determined by the XML structure containing definitions of tasks to be executed that is transferred to the component),
  • creation and verification of electronic signatures without intermediation of the system of files. Data objects may be indicated to components (and returned to the application or the system that calls them up) via access paths to files or transferred to components witin XML structures in the form of Base64Binary objects,
  • signatures are read and saved via HTTP/HTTPS protocols,
  • mass and fast creation and verification of signatures by means of:
    • possibility of stream creation and verification of signatures,
    • defining the time limit and the limit of a cryptographic operations number for which it will be possible to use the technical component after a single use of the PIN code,
  • work in multithreaded environments,

  • creation and verification of electronic signatures in all formats approved by eIDAS,

  • possibility of preparing templates for signing and verifying documents,

  • possibility of encrypting and decrypting files using non-qualified certificates with DES3 and AES algorithms,

  • support of cryptographic cards issued by all qualified certification authorities operating on the Polish market,

  • possibility of viewing multiple formats of signed and verified documents within the application without a necessity of opening files in an external application,

  • eArchiwum service offered by Archivio that allows secure storage of electronic documents with provision of fast and easy access,

  • support of TSL lists allowing verification of signatures from a majority of the EU Member States,

  • two language versions – Polish and English.

Technical requirements for Szafir SDK programming components:

Operating systems

  • Windows 2003/2008/Vista/7/10
  • Linux (distribution depends on the availability of cryptographic devices)

Devices for creating e-signature

  • middleware using the PKCS#11 interface (version 2.01 or higher) or Microsoft CryptoAPI;
  • cryptographic card reader compatible with the PC/SC specification;
  • card interoperating with any standard card reader that is compatible with PC/SC.

Additional software

Java version 1.5 or higher.

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