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How to suspend or revoke the certificate?

To suspend or revoke the certificate, fill out the online form: "Suspension / revocation of the certificate".

Apart from the data necessary for identification of the person applying for suspension or revocation of the certificate, the password and data concerning the certificate that is to be suspended or revoked must be also provided.

If the application for a change of the status of the certificate is successfully verified, the information about the certificate is published on the new CRL. The confirmation of the operation will be sent to the owner of the certificate and to the person who filed the request.

If you have any information that might indicate:

  • a compromise/ discredit of private key associated with the certificate issued by the KIR,
  • misuse a certificate issued by KIR or usage a certificate by a non-entity,
  • irregularities in the process of issuance of the certificate by KIR
  • use of certificates for criminal

please report us immediately via the contact form.

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