Order the e-signature Odnów e-podpis

How to order the time-stamp?

A standard agreement for the provision of trust services includes provisions concerning time-stamping, It means that so if a customer has already signed such an agreement and it is still valid, it is not necessary to conclude a new one. However, if the customer has not used the trust services provided by KIR before, a new agreement must be signed.


Terms of providing trust services

The form should identify the persons, who will be entitled to use the time-stamps and define the model of using the service.

To obtain a time-stamp from KIR, the Szafir application or Szafir SDK programming components should be used that allow automatic obtaining of time-stamps for an electronic signature under a specific document.

The service of time-stamping is made available through the HTTP protocol. A person authorized to download stamps sends a signed request for a time-stamp to a specific web address. The request is verified by access servers of the time-stamping service. In case of positive verification of the signature under the request, the time-stamp is generated.

VAT invoices for the provision of the time stamping services in standard settlement are issued quarterly, at the end of the quarter.
Invoices for subscription fees are issued in accordance with the period resulting from the subscription, at the beginning of such period. At the end of the subscription period, fees are charged for additional stamps, which may have been provided once the limit under the subscription has been reached. Invoices for additional stamps are issued within 7 days after the calculation. Fees for additional stamps can also be added to the invoice for the next subscription. The payment period is 14 days from the date of a VAT invoice.

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