Order the e-signature Odnów e-podpis


Secure electronic signature in the Social Insurance Institution

When dealing with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), a qualified electronic signature and qualified certificates may be used.

Currently, there is only one way of signing declarations sent to ZUS with the use of a qualified set for electronic signatures that may be obtained from KIR.

The Płatnik program ensures complete support of qualified certificates issued by KIR.

For the purposes of supporting the Płatnik program (signing declarations sent to ZUS), KIR offers a set consisting of:

Additionally, you will receive Szafir that, in terms of its functionality, is currently the best application for creating and verifying electronic signatures, with the use of which you will have access to a full range of applications of the electronic signature.
With this set, an electronic signature may also be created under another document, not only under a declaration sent to ZUS.

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