Electronic signature in the National Court Register

On 1 January 2007, the Ministry of Justice enabled browsing through basic information included in the National Court Register via the Internet. It is also possible to submit registration applications, enclosures and documents to registry courts or the Central Information Office of the National Court Register (KRS) on forms available on the portal.

The portal is available at: https://ekrs.ms.gov.pl/.

To browse through electronic information available on the portal of the Ministry of Justice it is not necessary to have any device or use any trust services.

Just go to the website: http://pdi.ms.gov.pl/portal_v1/. It allows browsing through the e-KRS by the KRS No. or by the name of the registered entity.

To submit letters to e-KRS, one has to be registered in the system.

For this purpose, go to the website: http://pdi.ms.gov.pl/portal_v1/ and register yourself. For the purpose of signing the registration application, the process requires using a qualified electronic signature. Thus, the application shall be legally recognized as equivalent to a document bearing a handwritten signature.

After the registration we can submit letters with e-KRS, the forms of which are available at that site. Each letter, to be submitted, must be created with a qualified electronic signature.

Unfortunately, the portal does not facilitate making payments for the submitted letters. Thus, the payments have to be made as before.

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