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    Sign documents on your terms

    Why is it worth using an electronic signature?

You can quickly sign many documents, send them and archive them digitally

You avoid paper consumption and take care of our planet

You sign with the same legal force, as if you signed it with your own hand

Do you like having the freedom to make decisions?

Do you like having the freedom also to decide about your daily schedule? Do you value your time, care about planet and want to be more eco-friendly? Under the law, a document with an electronic signature is as valid as a handwritten one. By choosing mSzafir, you sign documents wherever you want, whenever you want and on any device. No acrobatics :)

Choose a signature just for you

What will you use the Szafir and mSzafir qualified electronic signature for?


Submitting declarations to the Social Insurance Institution


Sending financial statements to the National Court Register


Participation in public tenders

Document circulation

Finalising and signing contracts and archiving documents


Signing medical documentation

E-invoices and quotations

Issuance of company documents


The National e-Invoicing System (KSeF) enables the issuance and sharing of structured invoices. 

What does KIR's e-signature guarantee?

We are an entity entered into the Register of Trust Service Providers kept by the Ministry of Digital Affairs.

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Undeniable proof of identity

Documents with a qualified electronic signature, verified by means of a qualified certificate, in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation, are equivalent to a handwritten signature.


Integrity of data transmitted electronically

The signed document is protected from any modifications.

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Integrity and authenticity of data origin

Guaranteed by a qualified electronic seal.


Time stamping

Confirmation of the existence of a document at a given time, by giving it a so-called certain date.

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Signature uniqueness

Each electronic signature for each document is different and closely related to the document, for which it was created.

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Find out what signature is right for you

Are you a traditionalist and can't imagine signing without a card and a reader? Configure any set and enjoy your favourite signature.


Or maybe you value mobility and minimalism? Choose mSzafir – in a one-time version for signing a single document or with a long validity period, if you sign many documents on a daily basis. 

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