On-site services, installations, training

On-site services, installations, training


The customers who appreciate convenience and want to save time might be interested in our services of delivery and installation of a set with a certificate, as well as training in e-signature.



We can deliver the ordered set to any place in Poland, install it on the computer and conduct short training.

In case of larger groups of users, we offer a promotional on-site services package, which includes:

  • delivery of sets to 3 persons maximum (including verification of identity)
  • performance of one demonstration installation of the set on a workstation
  • short on-the-job training in the use of the Szafir application (up to 45 minutes)
  • integration of the set with the Płatnik program

The installation of the set does not cover the setting of the PIN code, which should be done personally by the user of the set.

The training consists in:

  • demonstration of selected functionalities of the software designed to support the card (a PIN code change, installing a qualified certificate in the operating system),
  • provision of basic information on the functionalities of the Szafir application (signing one and several files, signature verification),
  • integration of the set with the Płatnik program.

The on-the-job training will be conducted on the workstation where the set has been previously installed.

The option of the on-site services can be selected while placing the order.

Possible options:

  • PROMOTIONAL ON-SITE SERVICES PACKAGE (travel + installation + training)
  • Installation of the set at the Customer's location (travel costs charged separately)
  • Training for users of electronic signature

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