Carbon card

Cryptographic cards



The card can be used to creating a qualified electronic signature within the meaning of the Regulation eIDAS and Trust Services Act.



The card is offered in 2 formats:

  • mini SIM card – for a miniUSB reader
  • large card for a reader with a cable or for a built-in card reader on your PC

CryptoCard Carbon card is divided into two areas:

  • an area with a pair of keys and a qualified certificate;
  • an area allowing you to store information not related to the qualified signature (e.g. certificates that allow performance of various functions, i.e. set up a secure connection with the WWW – SSL server, sign e-mails – S/MIME, and serve as an identifier when logging into a Windows domain).

The card is supplied with the CryptoCard Suite software package.

The CryptoCard Carbon cryptographic card is a qualified electronic signature creation device meeting the requirements specified in Annex II to the eIDAS Regulation.

Technical specifications of the card


up to 64 kB

RSA signing and encryption

up to 2048 bits

ECC GF(p) signing

up to 256 bits (optional)

supported algorithms

DES/3DES and SHA-1, RIPEMD 160 and SHA-2

support for Secure Messaging


Operating system

StarCOS 3.2 version

key generation

on the card (RSA,ECC)



support for industry standards


certified security of qualified signature (QES) application


certified hardware platform


support for environments

Windows XP and 2003, 2008, Vista, Windows7 (32/64 bit operating systems support), Linux RedHat, Debian, Suse and similar (PKCS#11)

reader required

compatible with PC/SC


support for Terminal Services

Card support application link


Technical specifications of CryptoCard Suite software

The CryptoCard Suite software allows you to manage the contents of the card and assists in communication between programs that use the card (e.g. e-mail program, web browser or encryption software) and the card inserted into the reader. It is fully compatible with industry standards: PKCS#11 v2.01 and v2.11 and CryptoAPI 2.0 (Microsoft Cryptographic Service Provider module).

The CryptoCard Suite software consists of three components:

  • an interface compatible with Microsoft CryptoAPI 2.0;
  • an interface compatible with PKCS#11 2.01;
  • CryptoCardManager and Assistant management software.

The tasks of the CryptoCardManager and Assistant include:

  • assistance in installation and configuration of the entire environment supporting electronic cards in Windows;
  • diagnosis of problems;
  • assistance in correction of configuration errors of all Windows components relating to proper operations of the card system, such as: system components, controllers of readers, cryptographic interfaces, configuration, etc.;
  • managing contents of the electronic card at the level of cryptographic keys, certificates, data of various applications;
  • import and export of selected information;
  • import of cryptographic material from files and partial export to files;
  • management of the user's and administrator's PIN codes;
  • card unblocking;
  • removal of data from the card;
  • support of many card readers;
  • registration of X.509 certificates on the card in the Windows CryptoAPI environment.

The application works in Windows environment – it supports 32-bit versions of: Windows XP, 2003, 2003 R2, Vista, 7, 2008 and 64-bit versions of: Windows XP, 2003, 2003 R2, Vista, 7, 2008, 2008 R2.

In case of single orders of more than 1 thousand pieces of the CryptoCard Carbon cryptographic card, it can be prepared in a personalized version with an overprint or graphics of the customer's choosing.

On the customer's request we can prepare cards with additional functionality allowing control of access to premises. For this purpose, please contact our Customer Service Department:


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