How to order the electronic signature?

Fill out the online form

The form can be used to order a new set in different versions (with mini reader or reader with cable, without a reader, with a certificate valid for 1 year or 2 years) and renewal of a qualified or non-qualified certificate. The form allows selection of the option of on-site services at the customer's location with short practical training and installation of the set.

Renewal of qualified or non-qualified certificate can also be ordered. There are two options of renewal:

  • on the card used to date, thanks to the online procedure – the renewal process (only for the same data and the valid certificate) may only be started after KIR has received an order;
  • on a new card – a renewal set – to be collected in our branch or delivered to the customer if an on-site service package has been ordered.


Terms of providing trust services

Send the signed paper order documents to KIR

Once the online form is completed, the ready-for-printing documents will be made available for download:

  • agreement in two counterparts and an order – in case a new set is ordered,
  • order – in case of the renewal of the certificate.

The documents should be printed, delivered to authorised persons for signing and sent back to KIR. They can be signed with a qualified electronic signature by representatives of companies that have a set with a qualified certificate. If the authorised persons are not entered in the National Court Register (KRS) or the Business Activity Register, the documents should be accompanied by relevant powers of attorney confirming their right to represent the Ordering Party.

Note: In case of the certificate renewal we recommend sending the documents or their electronic version created with the qualified signature as early as possible, since the next stage of the certificate renewal process requires possession of a valid qualified certificate.

Collect your order

If you order a set, please visit our branch or partner specified in the order to collect it.

We recommend that you contact our Hotline to arrange an appointment. To collect the set, you need to have a valid identity document (identity card or passport), and if the Subscriber's NIP Number was provided in the qualified certificate data, you will also need to present a certificate on assignment of the NIP number.

In you renew the certificate online, the identity is verified based on a valid certificate of the Subscriber.

Once this stage is completed, the payment must be made based on the invoice issued by KIR. Invoices are issued within 7 days from the date of generation of the certificate. Payments must be made to the account indicated on the invoice.

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